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Play sexgames
sex with someone, the better acquainted you become with their body, their turn-ons, their erogenous zones, their fantasies, and more.

But while that level of sexual comfort with a partner can be advantageous in plenty of ways like knowing exactly how to get each other to orgasm having a "predictable" (or worse, "boring sex life can also be a source of frustration for many couples.

Although refreshing your sex life might sound like a daunting task, rest assured that it doesnt have.

In fact, finding new and exciting ways to enjoy sex in your relationship can actually be a fun way to connect with your partner, build intimacy, and experience pleasure.

Besides, making an active effort to diversify your sexual routine doesnt necessarily mean youre dissatisfied with your current sex life; it simply means that you and your partner are open-minded and willing to grow even closer by sharing new sexual experiences.

Advertisement, if things are starting to feel a little blah in the bedroom, all it takes is a little creativity to heat things back up and playing a few fun, easy sex games with your partner is the perfect low-pressure way to.

Whether its naughty truth or dare or naked Twister, trying out some flirty and frisky sex games is a lighthearted way to switch things up in the bedroom without feeling like youre doing a complete overhaul of your sex life.

Here are three easy sex games you can play with your partner that are pretty much guaranteed to make everyone feel like a winner.
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