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Pornoyoga.info (hosted on m) details, including IP, backlinks, redirect information, and reverse IP shared hosting data.

It can be as simple as locating a category that contains pages that belong to a project and traversing all the talk pages and inserting the banner.

I can only agree with Hunter's story above.

MadScientistX11 ( talk ) 00:20, (UTC) @ Mkdw : Regarding the diminishing use of to-do lists, while I agree that the traditional ones have became less useful, I think most projects (members) also failed to embrace new tools.

NaBUru38 ( talk ) 00:24, (UTC) WikiProject Film To start this off, Wikipedia:Wikipedia Signpost/WikiProject report is an interview with me and other editors about WikiProject Film, and I think it encapsulates what the WikiProject is about.
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