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Hd download bf

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Hd download bf
Europe servers very soon!

This does not work with other older BF installations!

Summary, classic BF2 Vanilla feel, but now with realistic HD look, increased immersion and replaced the crappy infantry game play for a realistic 2018 model.

Which for me, was the only thing that always sucked in BF2.

RBE.0, real Ballistic Environment.0, now includes: Full real damage model based on each weapon and projectile true ballistic energy.

Each weapon have it's real projectile with respective real mass and aerodynamic coefficient.

Every weapon has it's real bullet trajectory, with true initial speed and same air resistance model used in the army calculated through advanced Ruge Kutta algorithm using real ballistic values for each weapon.

Vanilla Sky.5, more detailed Higher resolution clouds, some new HDR sky models, added Vanilla Sky for Karkand and HD storm environment for Harvest.

HD Sky, clouds and sunflare in all maps.

2K HD terrain for all maps.

Including all rocks, grass, gravel, dirt, sand and also all the roads.

ALL NEW Cinematic 4K Hollywood effects.

Every effect is new, particles, smokes, fires, blood, explosions, etc.
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