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3, kayla Nicole Thomas, 26, will go to trial on January 20Credit: Christiansburg Police 3, mcKenzie Hellman, 26, will go to trial on October 5Credit: Christiansburg Police.

Thomas will face the court from January 20 to 22, 2021, while her boyfriend, McKenzie Hellman, 26, will go to trial on October 5, wdbj reported.

Two-year-old Meek died after having a head trauma last year.

Hellman reportedly called the cops and claimed that the little boy was unresponsive after falling over.

However, forensic nurses later discovered evidence that suggested that Thomas and Hellman were sexually abusing the toddler, wset reported.

3, steve Meek II died in January 2019Credit: Christiansburg Police.

Most read in News, beaten 'without mercy heartbroken mom finds her two young killed with a hammer knife.

Just IN time, woman, 20, found alive at funeral home 'opened eyes moments before embalming'.

Jailhouse knock, r Kelly battered by inmate furious about cancelled visits due to fans.

OFF duty, all 3 cops involved in Jacob Blake shooting named by Kenosha PD put on leave.

Monsters death, killer to be executed after strangling girl, 10, dumping body in 1999.
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