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Maturen tube
will have intelligence and curiosity that increases as they mature.

Is neglecting to mature your mind, my boy, exactly the way to win the race?

Five faces oppositefive mature facesand the knowledge in each face.

What perceptible sign of mature age or manliness is there about him?

Did you notice her manners, at once so child-like and so mature?

Again he allows these to mature and selects the seed of the very finest.

From the Continent by correspondence we can mature our plans.

But there was no hurrya week remained in which to mature the plans.

(having the qualities of someone who, or something that, is) fully grown or developed.

A very mature person.

(of cheese, wine etc ) ready for eating or drinking.

To make or become mature.

(of an insurance policy) to become due to be paid.

My insurance policy matures when I reach sixty-five.
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